Very often, a female Monk
Seal will be mauled by males
digging their teeth into her

neck, as they viciously
fuck her to death. A Bed-
bug’s penis is sharp enough

to pierce a female’s abdomen,
while the Greater Hooked
Squid’s sperm can burrow

through flesh. Flat-
worms are non-gender
conforming, but duke it out

with their penises, neither
wanting to be the mother.
At the tail-end of a party,

the man may watch the woman
become sufficiently drunk
and take her out, pinning

her to a tree before forcing
his tongue down her throat.
When he lifts his arms, she

stumbles to the ground. He
pulls her skirt off,
not noticing the blades

of grass on her thighs.

Anthony Sutton resides on Ouiatenon land (currently named Lafayette, IN) and has had work appear in Oversound, Puerto del Sol, Prairie Schooner, Passages North, Cosmonauts Avenue, Third Coast, and elsewhere.